As the Swiss parliament voted in favor of opening marriage to same-sex couples in December 2020, a referendum is organized. Thus, on September 26, 2021, the Swiss people are called to vote on civil marriage for same-sex couples. Supporting the campaigns of Swiss LGBT NGO’s, we call on the Swiss citizens to vote for equal rights and respect for same-sex couples.

We know that the Swiss are committed to freedom and equality like our European neighbors. Switzerland can count on the experience of its partners in Europe who have for years opened marriage to same-sex couples, in particular the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Portugal, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta and Austria.

Faced with the upcoming voting campaign, we call on everybody to ensure the smooth and respectful conduct of the debates and we ask them to be extremely attentive to possible homophobic comments. The psychological and physical integrity of all LGBTIQ + people must remain the absolute guideline during and after this voting campaign.

In addition, we call on the French, Swiss and European authorities to promote, in their foreign policy, equal rights, including that of LGBTIQ + people.

Civil Marriage Committee for All (Switzerland)
International Solidarity LGBTQI